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Japan’s hospitals are equipped with the latest medical technology and provide an environment in which patients can receive treatment comfortably and with a minimum of stress. ICMC “Inter-Medicine” has established connections with a number of the leading medical institutions in Japan and will arrange the most suitable hospital or medical center for your visit in accordance with your needs. We can ensure that the hospital standards are high and that you will receive high quality diagnostics as well as medical treatment.


The health care system in Japan provides services for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. ICMC “Inter-Medicine” will ensure that you are assigned directly to a primary care physician or specialist and are attended to promptly and efficiently. We offer a number of services and are also able to accommodate individual requests, such as arranging special check-ups, specific treatment or rehabilitation programs.


Japan is one of the world leaders in preventative healthcare which is attested by the longevity of Japanese people. This is largely owing to the advanced screening technology and thoroughness of medical examinations, aimed at detecting any possible illness. In fact, Japan has the highest ratio of CT and MRI scanners per capita than any other country.

In addition to preventative screening, patients preparing to undergo surgery or those with diagnosed conditions will benefit from highly specialized equipment for screening/monitoring specific illnesses.

Surgery / Treatment

Surgical treatment in Japan is performed under strict medical standards utilizing the most reliable and latest developments in medical equipment. A great deal of medical surgeons and specialists in Japan today have attended training and internship programs in the United States and Europe, and thus their technical abilities are highly refined and surgery outcomes are amongst the best in the world. ICMC “Inter-Medicine” can arrange major or minor surgeries, in a variety of medical fields. We also cater to clients seeking non-surgical treatment, such as radiation and chemotherapy, as well as treatment requiring medicines, injections and so forth.


One of the benefits of undergoing medical treatment in Japan is the chance to incorporate regular hospital rehabilitation or treatment with natural hot springs/spa treatment. The therapeutic benefits of hot springs have been long known by the Japanese and are highly beneficial for many conditions, such as arthritis and rheumatism. Also, hot springs promote general well-being by destroying harmful bacteria on the skin, reducing fatigue and can also play a role in preventing cancer by eliminating toxins in the body.

There are many kinds of waters and Japanese often frequent different hot springs depending on their medical condition. We can arrange a post-treatment / post-surgery rehabilitation program tailored for you that will ensure the best and fastest possible recovery, as well as rehabilitation trips for those simply wishing to enjoy the health benefits of Japanese hot springs and outstanding nature.


As a nation that prizes fair, beautiful skin, anti-aging treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, are widely practiced in Japan. ICMC “Inter-Medicine” can provide access to affordable, non-invasive operations such as injection treatments that can produce immediate, anti-aging effects. ICMC “Inter-Medicine” ensures that clients’ anti-aging procedures will be conducted in Japan’s foremost beauty / plastic surgery clinics.

Professional Collaboration

In addition to medical services, ICMC “Inter-Medicine” offers doctors, hospitals and companies from abroad the opportunity to collaborate with Japanese medical professionals, such as in seminars, conferences and so forth. Medical research and practice in Japan continues to thrive and be noted around the world. If you wish to benefit from this first-hand we will assist you with making the necessary arrangements. Also, for medical students seeking internships in Japanese hospitals, when can facilitate your contact with doctors as well as your accommodation in Japan.